Am I an anomaly? (Plus some new news!)


May 19, 2015 by tessaraewilliams

This morning as per usual I was eating breakfast and flicking through Instagram. I came across posts about the #selfishswap. In this swap, you’re making your package for yourself! At first I thought it was odd to be making a swap package for yourself, but it stayed in my mind all day. Then it really got me thinking about my crafting situation vs. the situations of others crafters. Then I thought, “Am I an anomaly in this community?”

I have no kids, no pets, and almost no other activities outside of work. I come home from work and sit down at my sewing machine until I feel like getting up. I have a lot of spare time to work on my crafts, and that’s something that many swappers don’t have. Since I began joining swaps in February, I’ve also finished a quilt top for myself, a complete quilt for my boyfriend, and started two bags for myself. My excess of time allows me the opportunity to make both for myself and for others.


Finished quilt top. This is the Ribbon Box Quilt free pattern from Cloud9 Fabrics. I used all but one print from “Acorn Trail” by Teagan White. The last print will be the binding.


This is the finished quilt I made for my boyfriend’s birthday. I used all the colorways of the Tokyo maps from Passport by Moda.

Other swappers are moms, or at least pet moms. They don’t have the luxury of time to just craft as much as they’d like to whenever they want. And sometimes they have to feed those kids dinner or something. 😉 When these people do get time to craft, they are gracious enough to give that time to their partners, complete strangers in most cases. The #selfishswap may be the best opportunity for these swappers to really give themselves something great, and that’s just so awesome.

It really made me stop and just appreciate the work every swapper does. I know the next time I receive a swap package, I’ll really be grateful of the time they set aside to make something great just for me. And the next time I send out a package, I’ll really try and put in 110% since I know I have the time to make my package something extra-special.


This week, I’m adding something new to the blog. The biggest issue I’ve found in this community is that it can be hard to find swaps while they’re open and enrolling. So I’ve decided to compile all the open swaps I can find every week, so you’ll have every opportunity to join the perfect swap for you! I’ll need help of course. If you find a new swap that opens up, let me know! I’ll put it on the list in my next post. This is what I have been able to find this week. If I missed any, comment with the Instagram hashtag and I’ll add it to the list!

As always, follow me on Instagram @tessaraewilliams. I post here on my blog every Tuesday.

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Am I an anomaly? (Plus some new news!)

  1. Cathy Rivera says:

    You are killing me, how am I gonna resist if you put them all in one place!!!! Lol.


  2. You’ve summed it up perfectly. Thanks for joining the fun. I love your idea of putting all the swaps in one place.


  3. Awesome for you to post all the swaps in one place! I (thankfully) have stayed away from IG swaps and such but am heavily involved in some small swap groups through Facebook.
    *Found via the 2015 New Quilt Bloggers Hop*


  4. Gayle says:

    Just what I am looking for! I’ve been asked to head up a swap with our MQG chapter and I have no idea where to start! Thanks


  5. Wendy says:

    nope, you’re not an anomaly,. i don’t have kids either and although I have 4 rabbits, it’s not like I have to take them for walks or anything. I can spend all my time outside of work sewing if I want too. Up until a recent bout of illness, I’d spend every waking, non-working moment crafting (not just sewing and quilting but crocheting, embroidering, jewellery making etc). You are not alone!


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