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May 26, 2015 by tessaraewilliams

This past week has been full of swap craziness for me! Sending out partners for my Muppets Craft Swap was a crazy mess, plus I had to send out check-in emails for my Favorite Designer Swap the same weekend! And my bulk emailing system messed up both of them in one way or another! (PS, if you’re in either of my swaps, I’d SO appreciate if you could add me to your address book. That way my emails won’t go to spam anymore!) Because of all the hubbub, I only have a short post for today.

This week, I’m going to go through the basics of Instagram craft swaps. I’ll go over things that are in almost every swap you will find.


Host:The person who created the swap

Swap mama: Someone called upon to help organize the swap along with the host. Usual duties include help during partnering and check-ins. Sometimes other logistics things too.

Flake (or flaker): Someone who drops out of a swap with little or no communication to their swap mama or host. Not everyone who drops out of a swap is a flaker, just the ones who give no notice to the people running the swap.

Swap angel: When a partner is flaked on, a swap angel steps in to make a gift for that person. Sometimes the swap angel receives something in return, sometimes not.

What is expected of me?

Mosaics: Not always mandatory, but always appreciated! Click here to see my post on how to make a mosaic!

Progress pictures: Sometimes mandatory, progress pictures let everyone know that you’re part of that swap community, and that you’re actively working on your package. These are always great to see, and it’s one of my favorite parts of swapping! I love seeing everyone’s ideas come together.

Craft size: often you’ll be asked to make a medium-sized craft. Click here to see my post about what “medium-sized” means.

What types of swaps are there?

General craft swaps include every type of craft there is. There are also more specific swaps, like miniquilt swaps, mug rug swaps, and swaps where everyone makes from the same pattern, for example. There are also open and secret swaps. Open means that you can tag your partner in your progress pictures and ask their opinion of what your making. Secret swaps means that whoever you’re making for doesn’t know you’re the one making for them. You are not to tag them in any progress pictures. I’ve seen people do this in secret swaps and it’s so frustrating! The surprise is part of the fun! Also fun is trying to figure out who’s making for you! 🙂

How do I find craft swaps to join?

Luck! :p Not everyone who opens a craft swap or participates in them uses the #craftswap hashtag, so they are often hard to find. Once you’re in the community and you begin following the hashtags or the people that join swaps, they’ll become easier to find. Also, I am now compiling all the craft swaps I find every week here on this blog!

If you have any more questions about swaps, leave me a comment!

Now, onto the currently open swaps of the week! (If you know of any others I may have missed, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list!)

  • Quilt Who You Are Swap – hosted by @rebascomfyquilts. No sign-up form, you must comment on her post about the swap or DM her to join. Closes today!
  • #kidscraftswap15 – hosted by @lindzjxn. Sign-up here. Closes today!
  • #WhedonverseSwap15 – hosted by @lifeofshauna. Sign-up here. Closes tomorrow!
  • #ZippedCaseSwap – hosted by @sugarndspice77. Sign-up here.

As always, follow me on Instagram @tessaraewilliams. I post every Tuesday.

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Craft Swaps 101

  1. Good post! I.wish this had been around before my 1st swap! I’m hosting the #kidscraftswap15 and this is helpful reference as a host too!


  2. Johanna says:

    I’ve never been part of a swap. Quite interesting!


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