Three sent packages this week!


July 28, 2015 by tessaraewilliams

This non-post is just to show off, not gonna lie. Three packages from me have been received and opened by my partners in the last week. THREE! I’m still a very busy bee, with 5 more swaps due within about a month or so. Aaahhh! This is the reason I haven’t had a great blog post for the last two weeks, but trust me, I have something up my sleeve!

But for now, let’s go to the pictures!

First off, my partner @3.meows.2.woofs received her #VivaLaVillains package from me.

Maleficent package

My main craft was this Maleficent messenger bag. The outer flap is a paper pieced Maleficent. The other fabrics are licensed Disney villain fabric. I’d do some things different if I could do it over again, but overall I am happy with it! Here’s a close-up of the outer flap.


Next, @fernfrocks received her #SUPERHEROmqs package!

Batman packageShe had asked for a “manly” Batman miniquilt to share with her husband. She had mentioned minimalist, so that’s the route I went in. The top is only five appliqued pieces, the eyes, nose, lower part of the face, and the top of the ears. The rest is quilted. I really LOVE how this came out. I’m proud of the quilting on this one for sure. I’m also proud of those hanging tabs, “Bats in the Belfry” by Tula Pink (my favorite print of hers of all time).

The last package I’m probably most proud of. @sweet.t.stitching was finally able to open her #fffswap2015 package. I sent it at the end of June, but we all had to wait until today to open them! This swap was so fun! We all listed our three favorite fandoms. My partner listed Batman, Phantom of the Opera, and Grimm (or wolves in general).


I also listed Batman as one of my favorite fandoms. But I really wanted to challenge myself by NOT leaning on Batman for the main craft. So I made this paper-pieced mug rug.


My main craft is this Phantom of the Opera Sew Together Bag. I happened across these perfect Phantom of the Opera prints on I’m so happy with the scale of the exterior print.


I was almost stumped by Grimm/wolves. I’ve never watched that show. I found a Native American print in my stash that featured wolves, so I decided to fussy cut all the wolf motifs. I also had these beautiful peppered cottons that went perfectly with the purples of the Native American print. However, most of the purples got cut off when I fussy cut the wolves! :/ I’m still really happy with the outcome. The exterior is completely improv pieced, my first improv experience. I love the geometric-like result! I found a wolf print for the lining at Joanns.

IMAG0963 IMAG0964

These three packages really show off what I love about swaps. I love the challenge. I love getting to know someone’s likes and dislikes to create a perfect package for them. I hope all three of my partners really enjoyed their packages! I know I enjoyed creating them!

Again, since I’m in such a time crunch, I didn’t have a lot of time to do my normal craft swap super sleuthing! However, these are the swaps I can remember off the top of my head! For other open craft swaps, please visit @openquiltswaps on Instagram.

  • #despicablemecraftswap2016 – hosted by @ninjadesigns. Sign-up opens July 31. Ships in January/February.
  • #VeryNerdyHolidaySwap – hosted by @mamabice_makes. Sign-up opens July 31st. Ships in November.
  • #supernaturalcraftswap – hosted by @little_fox_nerdy_knits. Open to any crafts based on the show “Supernatural”. Ships in January. Sign-up here.
  • #SaltyAsShitSwap – hosted by @heatherleanne (my swap mama for my #MuppetCraftSwap, so you know she rules!). Sign-up opens August 1st.

6 thoughts on “Three sent packages this week!

  1. Rae says:

    That paper pieced Maleficent is epic!


  2. All so amazing! You rock at swaps. 🙂


  3. blueturtle19 says:

    You do beautiful work! I would love to be your partner!


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