Personal #1: Eyes on the Road!


January 12, 2016 by tessaraewilliams

Nothing quilty this week, but want to keep my weekly posting streak alive!

Assuming you follow me on Instagram (@tessaraewilliams), you may remember I moved from Kansas City, MO to Denver, CO in October. Well, I’m moving back home. Denver just wasn’t the place for me. The more determined I am to be involved with quilting, the more I realize Kansas City is the exact place I need to be. TONS of sew-lebrities live there, my guild is there, my LQS is there. I just gotta go back.

Sunday I took my first load back to KC in my little Fiat. Today I’m going back to Denver to pick up the rest of my stuff, then I’ll be home for good by Wednesday!

I made a little oops on my way home Sunday. I took my eyes off the road to change the music on my phone and went off the road. I side swiped one of those mile marker poles and my mirror kind of exploded.


I’m fine, and the rest of the car is fine. I only hit the mirror. My mom said this is a “definite metaphysical statement” to not look back on the last couple months. Definitely something to think about!

I’m really hoping moving back home brings me some mental relief. I feel like I’ve been in high-stress mode for so long, and I’m just exhausted. I’ve been unemployed now for 3 months, so I have to find a job. Fast. I’ll be working at my LQS a time or two a week, so that’s something. As everyone knows, job hunting is just the worst. Looking at listing after listing makes me feel like none of my skills are applicable to anything! It’s super frustrating and stressful, but I’m trying to stay positive that the right job will come along. Think positive thoughts for me and send some good vibes my way!

Hopefully soon I’ll be able to unpack some of my sewing stuff and make something fun. It’s about time for some selfish sewing! 🙂

I’ve still got some fun stuff up in my Spreesy shop! I’m open to custom work as well, so if you’ve got any ideas, let me know!



  • #ziggystardustswap – Hosted by @livingbooksnook. Not open yet, but she’s looking to see who’s interested. Go to her for more info!
  • I Spy Charm Swap – Hosted by She’s also just looking for any interest right now.
  • #marvelcraftswap2016 – Hosted by @madamedefarge. Sign-ups open January 24th. Ships in May.




One thought on “Personal #1: Eyes on the Road!

  1. Sorry about your car. My sunroof exploded a couple of weeks ago while we were on 285 in Atlanta. Our fix has been a royal pain because a sunroof is in a gray zone between Glass and bodywork. They are handled by different groups and you’d think our sunroof is their first rodeo. My son is looking for a job too. He’s going through the same frustrating process. It’s a blessing to have a supportive family(-: When I pray for him you will be included!


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