What to do when you don’t know what to make

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January 27, 2016 by tessaraewilliams

I’ll be honest, I’m in some swaps right now and am just STUMPED for what to make for my partners! But I don’t think I’m the only one that’s ever had that feeling, though. I think some of us get really stressed when we haven’t come up with something we think our partners will love.

It’s not just limited to swaps either. Maybe you want to make a friend a present. Or heck, maybe you just want to make something fun for yourself, but your sew-jo has gone missing.

It happens.

So to talk myself out of it, I decided the best way to tackle this is to pretend someone asked me for advice on what to do in this situation. :p

  1. Research
    • Read and reread your partner’s information she gave for the swap. Look through her Instagram feed. Dig into her Pinterest (if she offered a username). You’re on a mission to gather information here!
  2. Google it!
    • If you only have your partner’s responses to go off of, do a Google search of some of the ideas they listed. You might find a picture that inspires you! (Pinterest is a good place to search too.) Also, if you’re unfamiliar with a character your partner listed (if applicable), watch the show or movie!
  3. Check the hashtag
    • DON’T out-and-out steal anyone else’s designs or ideas, but seeing what others are working on in the same swap might get your brain on the right track.
  4. Take a break
    • Work on a completely unrelated project. Really! Sometimes when you’re not trying, a great idea just pops into your head! It happens sometimes when you’re driving or in the shower, when you’re not really trying to come up with any brilliant ideas. Short selfish projects (something just for you) are great for this.
  5. Take the pressure off yourself
    • Remember, swaps are supposed to be fun! Don’t take it so seriously that you stress yourself out. If you really put your partner’s likes and dislikes into account as you’re waiting for your idea to come, that’s all that matters.


So, in hopes of coming up with some great ideas for my partners, I’m starting some selfish sewing today! :p I’m starting a miniquilt for myself using the letter patterns from “Quilt Talk” by Sam Hunter. Pictures coming soon!


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